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New version Speaky Facile® 5.0

  SPEAKY FACILE® 5.0 HAS ARRIVED!!!   The new version 5.0 of Speaky Facile® is here and full of important innovations. Released at HANDImatica 2017, the main Italian fair of assistive technology organized by the Fondazione ASPHI , today in its XI edition. Speaky...

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New logo Speaky 5.0

The new Speaky Facile® logo is here!!! Now Speaky has a mascot: a friendly microphone ready to accompany you while you surf the...

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HANDImatica 2017 fair

Bologna November 30th – December 2nd Mediavoice takes part in HANDImatica 2017 The main Italian fair of assistive technology will be held at Istituto Scolastico Aldini Valeriani Sirani Via Sario Bassanelli, 9 – 40129 Bologna STAND 3 The press conference introducing...

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