SMOQP – Objective Speech Quality Measurement System ARTES 4.0

23 Febbraio 2021

Mediavoice presents a new research project that involves the creation of a multilingual software that allows to objectively measure the degree of correctness of pronunciation. The problem  addressed, particularly relevant in the field of speech therapy, is the impossibility of being able to carry out with current systems an objective measure of the quality of the patient’s pronunciation.

For the first time this solution will provide an objective measurement of the effectiveness/efficiency of the therapies adopted in the various qualitative/quantitative applications on a patient’s phonological and articulatory pathologies. The application can also be used to develop programs of articulatory exercises to be carried out under the supervision and management, in person  or remotely, of the speech therapist, especially in adult disartrice patients and in children with language delay.

Mediavoice, aware of the useful pervasiveness of the latest developments in voice technology and artificial intelligence, intends to expand its spectrum of solutions, bringing to an ever-increasing target of patients/users the services enabled by new technologies.

For this purpose we collaborate with the company CLOUDWISE for the technological side and with the BIOMEDICAL CAMPUS, both from a medical point of view thanks to the UOS of Integrated Therapies of Otolaryngory and from a point of view of technology transfer thanks to the Research Unit of Processing and Bioinformatics Systems, the COSBI unit.