This is what happens in the School for the blind in Missala, Mali

18 Marzo 2021

In Missala, in one of the peripheral municipalities of Bamako, the capital of Mali, there is a small private primary school that welcomes blind and blind children in mixed classes. The teaching tools at their disposal are very simple, the classrooms are rudimentary but the synergy that arises between these children is incredible, facilitating the study to blind children and making others aware of the respect for the different.

Mediavoice has already donated chairs, desks, mobile school whiteboards and food for the small boarding school that houses both orphaned blind pupils or those from distant regions along with the three blind teachers. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the project hasn’t stopped and Mediavoice continues in its commitment.
We have always donated 2% of our profits to development initiatives in third world countries. If all companies donated only 0.1% of profits, poverty and hunger would be erased and it would certainly be a better world!
We thank UnAltroMondo ONLUS ( for making this project come true.