New version Speaky Facile® 5.0

12 Dicembre 2017




The new version 5.0 of Speaky Facile® is here and full of important innovations. Released at HANDImatica 2017, the main Italian fair of assistive technology organized by the Fondazione ASPHI , today in its XI edition.

Speaky Facile® is the innovative solution for the Blind and the Visually Impaired to gain access to the digital world simply using voice controls. Today Speaky Facile® 5.0 is even more reliable, complete and powerful. Among the main innovations are three new applications to be added to the existing eleven: “Speaky Documents”, to create a document, dictate, modify and save it on the computer or on an external drive; “Speaky Music”, to listen to the music on the computer, copy it from external drives, create and manage playlists; “RSS NEWS” to search and select per source or topic and follow the news of the main internet sources such as national and international newspapers, websites and blogs. Finally, there is a NEW VOICE REMOTE CONTROL with a more powerful and efficient audio technology and a COVER to easy further the use of the microphone.

Click here to download the brochure of Speaky Facile 5.0®