Helping Europeans with disabilities to access media content more easily (EASY TV)

25 Gennaio 2020

80 million people with disabilities currently live in Europe. Furthermore, an estimated 81.5 million adults in Europe suffer from hearing loss, which means that one in seven adults will suffer from hearing problems. Finally, according to the World Blind Union, 23.5% of the EU population is affected by vision problems. Considering the aging of the European population, these figures are bound to increase. In fact, it is estimated that 120 million people in the EU will be affected by multiple and / or minor disabilities by 2020.
All these numbers lead to a clear (and growing) demand for accessible products and services, such as the multimedia audiovisual platform being developed by the EASYTV (Easing the access of Europeans with disabilities to converging media and content) project. Federico Alvarez, coordinator of the EASYTV project describes Mediavoice as “one of the main partners of the project with its expertise in the design and development of human-machine interaction platforms and in particular in speech synthesis and recognition technologies, essential for a simple and effective use for blind and visually impaired people”.