HR4SC: HEALTHY ROADS FOR SMART CITIES (Constant and continuous monitoring of the road surface)

21 Luglio 2020

The Healthy Roads for Smart Cities project ended successfully.  The purpose of the HR4SC project was the creation of a service / product oriented to the collection, classification, updating and interaction in natural language of data relating to the state of the road surface.

The project saw the light in 2018 as part of the POR Campania ESF 2014-2020 Program, Axis 1. S. 1.1 “Increase in business innovation activity”, with two leading companies in technological innovation for their areas of expertise: Mediavoice S.r.l. and System Management.

The result is a system that identifies the state of the road surface through an algorithm, assigning the relative quality level and creating a database for the purposes of its mapping and monitoring. The algorithm, identified with the acronym RCC (Road Condition Classification), is able to create a centralized database that grows and feeds itself constantly and continuously with information on the road profile mapping.  The service is based on two main components, a Mobile App residing on the user’s device and an application for server-side data processing. Today the testing and refinement phase of the classification model has finally begun, users are traveling the streets of Rome and Naples to collect data and verify the efficiency and effectiveness of the algorithm and of the entire system implemented.

The project will thus allow citizens to move and travel safely also thanks to the interaction based on the most advanced technologies: automatic voice technology and artificial intelligence and will soon enable the public administration to monitor and plan maintenance interventions in the best possible way.